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How Bangladeshi news channels are benefiting the people

11Television has become a necessity. Most urban households in Bangladesh have at least one television set. The number is still low in rural areas but is increasing fast. However, purpose of the use of television has changed over the years. Watching television is now not only limited to entertainment or recreational purpose only. It is also a source of information, learning new things and being informed about what is happening inside Bangladesh and across the globe.

There are a number of news channels operating in Bangladesh at the moment. The prime focus of these channels are to keep viewers updated and informed about national as well as international news regarding business, trade, disasters, crimes and social / business events.

Different people of different ages benefits differently from watching news channels. For the students the news channels, in many ways, serve as fulfilling their educational needs. Students generally benefit from gaining knowledge. They get to know about the current affairs within Bangladesh, as well as across the world. Business, trade and economic news help them learn about news contracts and deals between countries. Students can also gather more information about the national as well as foreign economies from regularly watching news channels. This helps them in improving their IQ and perform better in tests, competitions, debates and quizzes.

Bangladeshi businessmen are also benefited by watching the news channels. Information about local and international markets is aired on these channels. Furthermore, they do not have to wait until the next morning to read the news and updates on the newspapers. News about stock market, gold price, silver price and exchange rates are constantly updated and these help them to make the right decision. Not only are that, news about crime and social unrest are too featured in the Bangladeshi news channels which allows the businessmen to be cautious with their trade or investments.

Not only the business people or students, but in addition the government officials are benefitted from watching news channels in many ways. Changes in work conditions, introduction of new policies, information about potential salary hike and other work related information are disseminated through the news channels. Government officials also get to know about the public reaction to certain changes in laws and policies from the news channels as well.

People working in the private sector too benefit by getting information on television about new opportunities. Information about new policies, government announcements regarding the private sectors, invention and introduction of new technologies are aired on the news channels.

News channels offers benefits to the writers, social workers, lawyers, teachers, defense personnel and many other professionals too. Information is vital for each and every professional and these news channels are the most convenient medium to convey the information.

News is vital to everyone and news channels in Bangladesh are doing a great job in keeping its viewers up to data with all the information and news, be it local or global. Top news channels of the country are Independent TV, Shomoy TV and ATN News. Apart than these news channels, most other channels air news on hourly basis.